Why Your Child Should Learn to Play an Instrument

Although some individuals do not believe that playing an instrument has any effect on their children, there are many reasons that have proven to be exceptionally beneficial to musical education.

Girl ViolinAs a parent, the most important reason to teach your child how to play an instrument is because playing an instrument aids in their brain development. Being able to play music directly effects the automatic processing of the human brainstem. The brainstem is the portion of the brain that solely controls all of the motor and sensory information in the upper segment of the body. Playing an instrument can help children with speech recognition as well as interpreting patterns and sounds. Playing an instrument not only can assist "normal" children in education, but also can assist children with disabilities such as autism and dyslexia. Playing music not only stimulates the mind but it also can help children to cope with stress. Many parents do not realize that children begin to experience stress at quite an early age. This is mainly attributed to the fact that younger children do not understand what stress is or grasp how they should be coping with it. It is important for parents to reinforce good self-esteem in their children. Teaching self-esteem and self-confidence is a proactive means to teaching your children to deal with stress. Music has many effects on the body as well as the mind. To play an instrument can dramatically reduce the effects of stress in your child and promote a healthy lifestyle. It is the rhythm in music that creates a calming effect on a child. This technique has such highly effective results that it is used to treat children with neurological illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Music most definitely has a positive result in your children's lives. Motor and sensory skills are improved by music and it has also been proven that cognitive skills are at higher levels as well. The students who play instruments mathematical scores and IQ results have shown to be relatively higher compared to students who do not have any musical involvement. The rhythm of music not only enhances children's cognitive and motor skills, but also increases their ability to become further educated. The educational benefits speak for themselves, but they are not the only benefits to having your child involved in a musical program. Playing an instrument also has social benefits. Today it is important to keep children occupied by healthy and constructive activities. Being involved in a music program offers just that. Finances should never be a valid reason to not get your child involved in music lessons. There are many community centers and church groups that offer to teach children how to play instruments for free. Learning to play an instrument takes a lot of practice. These types of activities will keep your child engaged in healthy activities.

Children PianoThere are many wrong paths that children may choose. Paving the way down the right road for your child is a practical approach to parenting. Playing an instrument also provides your child with a creative outlet. Your child will have the freedom to create different sounds and melodies that have never been heard before. Encouraging creativity in your child is another stimulating activity to nurture your child's mind. Music is not just a bunch of random notes placed together. There are feelings and emotion that goes behind each strategically placed note. Music is truly a form of art.

There are never ending benefits of children learning to play instruments. As a parent it is your job to provide your child with the best opportunities that will enhance their learning experience and stimulate their minds. Being knowledgeable of music and all of its benefits, take the opportunity to give your child an advantage. Playing an instrument is more than just educating, it is fun.

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